Safety First!

Teaching the proper techniques and care for handling firearms.

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Individualized Instruction


 Mark  Burch is an NRA Certified Instructor who is committed to  quality  firearms instruction in a positive atmosphere. Safety is emphasized. 

High-Quality Equipment


Most students use their own firearms, but if they do not have a firearm, Mark has a limited supply of firearms available for rent.

Dedicated to Individualized Instruction


Mark is dedicated to providing instruction tailored to students needs and experience in a safe and positive atmosphere.


Defensive Pistol

Meet with Mark for individualized instruction.

Meet with Mark for individualized instruction in Defensive Pistol.

Basic Shotgun


 Learn the basic  knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the safe and proper use of  a shotgun in shooting a moving target. 

Basic Rifle


Learn the  the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for owning and safe use of a rifle in target shooting. 

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

Burch's Firearms Instruction

Chugiak, Alaska, United States

(907) 863-8518


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