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Burch's Firearm Instruction

Instruction for beginner and intermediate shooters

About Burch’s Firearms Instruction

Lead Instructor Mark Burch is an NRA Certified Instructor and works closely with other certified instructors who are committed to his approach to quality firearms instruction in a positive atmosphere. Safety is emphasized among instructors and range safety officers. They expect the same of everyone on the range.




“I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Mark!  I had absolutely no experience with handguns, but ended the classes feeling quite confident.  The subject matter was quite varied, which kept the classes interesting.  Mark is quite knowledgeable about guns, laws/rules, and did a great job conveying this to the class while keeping it fun and interesting.  My favorite part was the actual shooting at the range.  I was nervous at first, but having Mark there monitoring, teaching and constantly repeating the rules made me feel safe.  Mark had several guns available giving us all the opportunity to try out different kinds – pointing out the pros and cons of each.  This is great for those who are not sure which type of handgun would best suit them.  Mark was an awesome instructor!  I couldn’t have wished for a better class!” Laura Friedrich