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Burch's Firearm Instruction

Instruction for beginner and intermediate shooters

Burch’s Firearms Instruction Home

Burch’s Firearms Instruction specializes in training courses for beginning and intermediate level shooters. We offer a variety of NRA training courses as well as personal firearms instruction.

Please check back with us regularly for course schedules. For those who are getting started or want a refresher, we offer NRA training courses in basic rifle, pistol and shotgun. We also provide individualized instruction tailored to your skill level in each discipline.

NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home and NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Courses are also available.


“Let me just say ……taking one of these courses in the use of handguns inspired me to keep learning more and taking additional classes. I realized that there are a lot of little details that make a big difference in my confidence and shooting abilities.  Mark, our instructor, was really informative and added a lot of all around good technique instruction. Take a course and find out!  I did.” Cathy McGregor